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8 port Terminal Server, single 10/100M Ethernet, RS-232, RJ-45 8pin, 15KV ESD, 100V or 240V
List Price: $999.00

Product Code: CN2510-8

product Info
  • LCM interface for easy on-site management
  • In-band and out-of-band console management of both networked and non-networked devices
  • Stand-alone Remote Access Server for up to 16 dial-in users
  • PPP/SLIP with RADIUS authentication and RIP I/II Routing protocol
  • Real COM/TTY driver for Windows and Linux
  • ±48 VDC for Telecom Applications


Remote Device Console Management

For most companies, the performance of IT equipment plays a decisive role in daily operation. To keep a server, router, PBX, or leased line modem working properly, least downtime and instant troubleshooting are important. For many IT devices, a KVM switch is used to manage the device with a keyboard and monitor located next to the device. However, an RS-232 console port”something which most IT devices have”can be used for Remote Console Management.

CN2510 provides an easy-to-use console port management solution that comes in a convenient 1U rack-mountable size. CN2510 can easily establish a console management environment with servers, routers, and other network equipment. CN2510 turns the RS-232 console port of the device into a network-accessible node, allowing you to use Telnet to configure and manage the device from anywhere on the network.

In-Band and Out-of-Band Network Management

In-Band Network Management refers to using Telnet over a network, such as an office LAN or the Internet, to open a connection to a device that has a console port. By connecting the RS-232 console port to one of CN2510's serial ports, you can access the device over the network with a specific IP:Port combination. This type of setup allows you to monitor and manage devices that have an RS-232 console port from any network host over an Ethernet or Wireless LAN network.

Out-of-Band Network Management refers to when an alternate path for remote access, such as a dial-up line or ISDN line, is used to reach network devices. Out-of-Band Network Management is needed when you're unable to reach the device via the network connection, such as when the network is down. Another situation for which Out-of-Band network management is needed is when the device itself crashes. For example, many web servers can be managed directly via the server's Ethernet port, or through the server's console port. If the server crashes, you won't be able to access the server using the preferred "over the network" method. However, the server will still be accessible via its RS-232 console port, allowing the manager to reboot the server and get it back online.

Stand-alone RAS Service

CN2510 supports PPP/SLIP dial-up ports, letting you connect to your network devices from a remote site. Even when you are away from the office, you will still have full control of all devices in your company's server room.

From a hardware point of view, CN2510 is easy to install, and is complemented by powerful software features, which include security, authorization, IP routing, and management functions that provide MIS personnel with a simple and convenient way to monitor and control target devices located in a data center or control room.

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